Class Rated Cannabis, is a organization acknowledging professionalism, innovation, cultural contribution;  love, passion and respect for the cannabis plant. In addition, technological advancement, product presentation and consistency.  Brands, Companies and indiviales that meet one or more of theses standards are honored with a C.R.C.  Certification .

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How to find High Quality Hash in a Marijuana Dispensary

We certainly enjoy different concentrates and learning all about them at The Weed Blog.  We have posted everything from information about how to make dry ice hash to various hash and concentrate reviews like this one of Cotton Candy shatter that was processed here in Oregon.  However, this guest post by cannabis connoisseur, Here 4 the Flavor offers his advice …

Making Sex More Sensual with Cannabis

To make sex more sensual with cannabis, sex educator Ashley Manta illustrates the three most common sensuality inhibitors. The post Making Sex More Sensual with Cannabis appeared first on Leafly. Powered by WPeMatico

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  1. Read Requirements (Find Check List  here )
  2. Complete the application below that best fits you or your company .
  3. C.R.C. Will receive your  application and review it
  4. If approved you will be notified , we will request a High Resolution image along with any press write up or information you’d like under your logo ,
  5. We then will add you to our site and formally present you your award & rank.  With additional marketing material  for those with retail locations and or items.

Benefits to being C.R.C. Certified

  • Reach the quickly large going online cannabis audience (similar to *zagat)
  • Align your brand or self to be noted as one of the most trusted in the cannabis industry
  • Rigorous scoring
  • Drive traffic with world-class content and very limited advertising space helping you stand out
  • Improve SEO ranking
  • Custom Marketing materials to help promote your brand !!
  • Help us build a Index of Brands , influencers , Companies etc that represent the best of the best in the cannabis industry !
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